Throughout our history, This brand was created in the international company Act Cosmetic GMB, licensed by Kahl & Co Germany in 2003, the main objective to create this brand is using German technology with due regard to the competence and social responsibility of producing high quality products and affordable prices for different skin types in around the world.
This brand includes different groups of care products and cosmetics with around 300 SKU in 4 categories: Skin care, Hair care, Color Cosmetics and Perfume and its initially started with SKIN CARE products, and then as needed of export market outside of Europe, ACNE LINE products have been produced with high quality and affordable prices and start exporting to the target markets. Specialty products for the eyes also created and add to the brand under the category of EYE CARE.

In line with the development of the product portfolio and the high demands of cosmetics, and with the aim of maintaining the quality and affordability of about 150 SKUs of cosmetic products was added to the MY brand portfolio in several groups. The PERFUME Group and BODY WASH also have been added to this basket in the last phase, and in the development phase, men's health and care products will be added to this basket.
Currently, this product is also active in the GCC-MENA-CIS and MIDDLE EAST countries, such as Armenia-Tajikistan-Georgia-Uzbekistan-Azerbaijan-Malaysia-Tanzania-Iraq-Afghanistan, in addition to its own people in Europe. The brand is also being distributed in world-famous stores like Carrefour and Auchan.

It should be noted that the company, in order to maintain its competitive quality, now besides its country of origin, establish a production unit in the Middle East in the QSSEZ region, and in line with the company's outlook for covering export markets in 2018, the construction of its third production plan in North Africa will be negotiated.